Advanced Platform

Installation of an advanced CMS platform means you have up to date SEO functionality built into every page. Search Engine Friendly (SEF) urls are built in to each CMS installation. All you need to do is enable them for them to work on your website. SEF links bring huge benefits to your SEO rankings.

Custom Solutions

The site determines if the viewer is using a phone, laptop, or desktop and adjusts automatically to the device which means less hassle for the viewer. There are no additional charges for these features as we consider this part of a well built website. Many providers charge extra for SEO and "mobile" views.

Quick Site Installation

It takes approximately 1 hour to install the CMS platform and new custom template of your choice. We add your high resolution images to customize your pages and schedule an online administration training. We also help with PayPal connections. Already have a site? We guide you through that too.